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Landmark Capital project completed

Landmark Capital Project completed at Kjerstad consulting. The scope of the project was:
  • Office 365 integration of Lmholdings with SMTP relay for external web-app
  • Domain move to new hosting provider
  • Web development of new webpages with Content Management System in Chinese and English
  • Importing of four digit number users to the CMS
  • Restricted area only for registered users of the website
  • Importing...

LinkedIn scams 2013 – Global executive associates

LinkedIn scams 2013– Global executive associates Lately I’ve been flashed with ads from LinkedIn with some quite attractive jobs from a certain recruitment agency. There is a company named ‘Global Executives Associates’ who is looking to hire a 'project consultant'. The title in the advertisement headlines: ‘project consultant $165K + 20% PRB’ – Even friends and...

What is the most important skill for a project manager?

I often get asked the question what is the most important skill for a project manager. I would say a great PM should have people, negotiation, motivation, leadership, organizational and cultural awareness skills. However, the most important skill a project manager must posess is in my eyes:

Communication skills

Most important skill for a project manager

Without project...