Microsoft’s Internet vision from 2000

Microsoft has been one of my most admired companies. The last decade they have been overrun by Apple, Facebook, Google and others on many of their services.

Though, looking at this video from the year 2000 their ‘future vision’ is pretty spot on. Amazing how they actually predicted how our lives would be today with tablets, GPS, cloud services, social medias, voice commanded devices (Siri anyone?) and smart TV’s. Even though they STILL missed the train.

In Microsoft’s defence – The dot-com bubble burst in the year 2000. This was the same year the video was released. It might be that this had a negative effect on their vision, as ┬áthe investors had enough of technology.

I do believe that Microsoft will do a comeback with a new CEO. Exiting times ahead. Are you buying MSFT stocks as well?


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