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AFR Hard drives – a survey of over 27000 HDD’s

This is an interesting blog from Backblaze about the AFR on CONSUMER-grade hard drives. Backblaze is a company that provides competitive priced cloudbackup. They have been running their service for some years and have over 27000 HDD's installed in their datacenters. Normally we see AFR and MTBF rates for 'professional HDD's' - Here Backblaze measured the...

LinkedIn scams 2013 – Global executive associates

LinkedIn scams 2013– Global executive associates Lately I’ve been flashed with ads from LinkedIn with some quite attractive jobs from a certain recruitment agency. There is a company named ‘Global Executives Associates’ who is looking to hire a 'project consultant'. The title in the advertisement headlines: ‘project consultant $165K + 20% PRB’ – Even friends and...

What is the most important skill for a project manager?

I often get asked the question what is the most important skill for a project manager. I would say a great PM should have people, negotiation, motivation, leadership, organizational and cultural awareness skills. However, the most important skill a project manager must posess is in my eyes:

Communication skills

Most important skill for a project manager

Without project...

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